Aesculus pavia L. - Red Buckeye


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Aesculus pavia (image 1 of 2)



Family: Hippocastanaceae


Rich damp woods.




Coastal plain from NC to FL and TX, inland to southern MO, southern IL, and KY.


Shrub or small tree; leaves opposite, palmately lobed; leaflets 5, rarely more, thin, oblanceolate to obovate, glabrous to tomentulose beneath; calyx tubular, red or yellow, 10-18 mm, shallowly lobed, finely puberulent, petals red or rarely yellow, glandular-ciliate, the lateral 2-3 cm, with oblong-obovate blade and long claw, the upper 2.5-4 cm, with minute, oblong-obovate to suborbicular blade; stamens 6-8, sometimes slightly long than the upper petals; fruit smooth, 3-6 cm.


Flowers April (later when grown in the north)

Wetland indicator: NA

An attractive species that can be grown much further north than its native range.


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The New York Botanical Garden. Bronx, NY




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