Agalinis paupercula (Gray) Britt. - Small-flowered False Foxglove


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Agalinis paupercula - (image 1 of 2)



Family: Orobanchaceae


Occurs in a variety of slightly disturbed habitats, mostly on infertile soil with sparse vegetation




Me and PA to MN and IA, north of 40 latitude.


Hemiparasitic annual; stems glabrous or nearly so, simple or branched; leaves linear; pedicels, 1-4 mm; calyx lobes 2-3.5 mm long, 0.4-1 times as long as the tube; corolla 1-2(-2.3) cm long, the upper lobes only slightly spreading; pollen sacs 1.4-2 mm.


Flowers August to October

Wetland indicator: NA

This species is sometimes treated as a variety of A. purpurea (var. parviflora) since it differs mainly in size (corollas mostly 2 cm or less long), although the lobes of the calyx are relatively long relative to A. purpurea. I took this photo in northeastern IL many years ago and recall at the time that the plant appeared to be a diminutive A. purpurea. The plant behind it is Salix discolor which has leaves mostly 1.5-3.5 cm wide.


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