Alnus serrulata (Aiton) Willd. - Smooth Alder


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Alnus serrulata - (image 1 of 2)



Family: Betulaceae


Moist thickets and other wet areas.




Nova Scotia and southern Quebec to northern FL, west to northern IN, southern IL, MO, OK, and western TX.


Deciduous colonial shrub or small tree; twigs dark gray with few or no white lenticels; leaves elliptic to obovate, often broadest above the middle, obtuse to rounded, serrate with very fine, sharp, nearly regular teeth, obtuse to cuneate at the base, green and glabrous on the underside or thinly pubescent on the veins; staminate catkins mature before leaves emerge; fruiting catkins short, mostly sessile or on short peduncles.


Flowers March to April

Wetland Indicator: Obligate

Similar to Alnus incana ssp. rugosa but with leaves mostly serrulate (vs. doubly serrate).


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The New York Botanical Garden. Bronx, NY




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