Andromeda polifolia L. var. glaucophylla (Link) DC. - Bog Rosemary


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Andromeda polifolia - (image 1 of 6)



Family: Ericaceae


Synonymous with A. glaucophylla Link


Acid bogs.


Frequently found with Chamaedaphne calyculata


Circumboreal; Newfoundland and Labrador west to Saskatchewan, south to NK, WV, northern IN and MN.


Small shrub to 50 cm. Leaves alternate, evergreen, glaucous, narrow elliptic, entire, to 5 cm, margin revolute. Flowers in terminal umbelliform corymbs, white to pink, on recurved pedicels.


Flowers May to Early June

Wetland Indicator: Obligate

Swink and Wilhelm list this species as having an upland wetland indicator status but I suspect this was a typo, as it is only found in bogs and often next to open water.


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Michael Hough 2004