Anemone cylindrica Gray - Thimbleweed


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Anemone cylindrica - (image 1 of 3)



Family: Ranunculaceae


Dry prairies, open woods and barrens




ME west to British Columbia, south to NJ, OH, MO, and AZ.


Herbaceous perennial to 1 m from a short caudex. Basal and involucral leaves petiolate, the latter more than 3, both deeply 3-5 parted into narrow segments bearing sparse teeth. Peduncles 2-6, to 30 cm; sepals mostly 5, greenish-white, to 12 mm long. Heads dense, cylindrical, to 4.5 cm and less than 1 cm wide; achenes cottony.


Flowers June to August

Wetland Indicator: Upland

The achenes of the mature fruiting heads are very densely packed and wholly, causing the heads to become swell into a cottony mass at maturity.


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