Anemone quinquefolia L. - Wood anemone


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Anemone quinquefolia - (image 1 of 9)



Family: Ranunculaceae


Moist woods.




Quebec west to Manitoba, south to MD, OH, northern IN and northeast IA, south in mountains to GA.


Herbaceous perennial from slender rhizome, less than 20 cm high. Basal leaves solitary, on long petioles; 3-5 leaflets, coarsely toothed; involucral leaves petiolate, the leaflets obovate with narrowly triagnular bases. Flowers solitary; sepals mostly 5, white to pinkish, oblong to oval, to 2.2 cm.


Flowers April to late May

Wetland Indicator: Upland

Often found in solitary patches on slopes or along paths. Notable for its small stature and relatively large flowers.


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