Aquilegia canadensis L. - Wild Columbine


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Aquilegia canadensis - (image 1 of 6)



Family: Ranunculaceae


Dry shaded habitats, ranging from woodlands to rocky cliffs to fens and bogs.




Nova Scotia west to Saskatchewan, south to FL and TX.


Perennial from a stout rhizome, 30-200 cm. Basal leaves long petiolate; leaflets broadly obovate, crenately toothed or lobed. Flowers nodding; sepals 5, red; petals 5, yellow with a long, red spur, sometimes all yellow or yellow-red.


Flowers April to July

Wetland Indicator: Facultative -

This genus contains mostly western species. This is the only species commonly found in the east except for the introduced A. vulgaris, the European columbine, which has white and blue petals.

Aquilegia vulgaris L. - European Columbine



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