Arenaria stricta Michx. - Stiff Sandwort


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Family: Caryophyllaceae


Some authors place this species in the genus Minuartia L. and would refer to it as Minuartia michauxii (Fenzl) Farw. var. michauxii


Dunes. Black oak savanna. Dry, gravel hill prairies. Limestone glades and other calcareous habitats




Southern Ontario and NY west to MN, south to VA and AR.


Annual or perennial, glabrous or sometimes hairy; stems 10-40 cm, decumbent or erect. Leaves linear-bristly, mostly flat, less than 2 mm wide, in bunches on the stem. Inflorescence open, the branches glabrous; sepals lanceolate, acute.


Flowers May to July

Wetland Indicator: Upland

Common on dunes near Lake Michigan in IL.


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