Arethusa bulbosa L. - Dragon's Mouth


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Arethusa bulbosa - (image 1 of 3)



Family: Orchidaceae


 Sphagnum bogs, fens, and swampy meadows.




Newfoundland to MN, south to NJ and northern IN, and in mountains to NC and SC.


Herbaceous perennial from a corm; scape 10-30 cm, with 1-3 loose blunt bracts toward the base; leaf 1, grass-like, arising after anthesis from within the upper bract, at maturity nearly equaling the scape, 2-4 mm wide; flowers 3-6 cm high, subtended by a pair of small bracts; sepals and petals laceolate, magenta; lip pinkish-white, spotted and streaked with purple and yellow, crested on the face with 3 fimbriate ridges, about as long as the lateral petal; column erect, petaloid, dilated at the summit.


Flowers May to June

Wetland Indicator: OBL

An attractive species that unfortunately has become rare throughout much of its range. Over collecting probably has played a role in its decline.


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