Aronia melanocarpa (Michx.) Willd - Black Chokeberry


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Aronia melanocarpa - (image 1 of 5)



Family: Rosaceae


Bogs, swamps, wet woods. Tolerant of drier soil




Newfoundland and southern Labrador south to northern GA and AL, westward to eastern MN, northeast IA, and southeast MO, mostly absent along the coastal plain and adjacent areas.


Similar to A. arbutifolia, but glabrous or less pubescent on lower leaf surfaces, twigs, and pedicels. Fruit black.


Flowers May to July

Fruit August to October

Wetland Indicator: Facultative Wetland -

Hybrids between this species and A. arbutifolia are apparently common, and diploid and tetraploid types occur. Fall color not as bright as red chokeberry, and the fruit matures a bit earlier and does not persist as long.

See A. arbutifolia for a treatment of the taxonomy of this genus.


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