Cardamine douglassii Britton - Purple Spring Cress


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Cardamine douglassii - (image 1 of 4)



Family: Brassicaceae


Moist woods.


Acer saccharum, Claytonia virginica, Dentaria laciniata, Geranium maculatum, Osmorhiza claytonii, Phlox divaricata, Trillium recurvatum, Ulmus americana, Viola sororia. Erythronium americanum, Euonymus obovatus, Fagus grandifolia, Lindera benzoin, Polygonatum pubescens.


NH west to southern MN, south to VA, TN, and MO.


Perennial herb to 25 cm from a short, tuber-like rhizome, the rhizome sometimes superficial and becoming green. Leaves ovate, subentire to repand-dentate; upper stem thinly to copiously spreading-pubescent; cauline leaves 3-5; basal leaves usually purplish beneath and often longer than wide. Flowers pink to pale purple or rarely white; sepals purple, becoming brown after anthesis.


Flowers mid March to Mid June

Wetland indicator: Facultative Wetland

One of the early spring-blooming woodland plants.


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