Carex digitalis Willd. - Slender Woodland Sedge


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Family: Cyperaceae


Section Careyanae  


Dry to mesic woods.




ME to FL, west to WI, IL, MO, and eastern TX.


Tufted perennial; stems 10-50 cm; fertile stems weak, hispidulous, triangular but not winged; basal sheaths white or light brown; leaves roughened on the margins and hispidulous on the veins near the apex, those of the sterile shoots 1-5 mm wide, the fertile ones 1-3 mm wide; terminal spike staminate 1.5-5 cm, on a peduncle 0.5-8.5 cm long; pistillate spikes 1-3, scattered, 6-22 mm, erect to pendulant, on short to elongate peduncles, the lowest usually basal; pistillate scales acute; perigynia 3-9, with many fine nerves as well as 2-ribbed, 2-4 mm, obovoid and sharply trigonous, obscurely beaked; achene trigonous.


Fruiting May to July

Wetland indicator: UPL

Carex abscondita is similar but the staminate spike is more or less sessile and often hidden by the bracts and pistillate spikes.


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