Carex hirsutella Mack. - Fuzzy Wuzzy Sedge


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Carex hirsutella - (image 1 of 7)



Family: Cyperaceae


Section Porocystis


Synonymous with Carex complanata var. hirsuta (L.H. Bailey) Gleason


Moist to more often dry open woods, fields and meadows on neutral to basic soil. Seems to like some disturbance.




ME to FL, west to MI, IA, TX, and Mexico.


Tufted perennial to 0.9 m. Leaves 2-4 mm wide, somewhat involute, hairy; sheaths green to red-brown, hairy; spikes cylindrical, terminal spike gynaecandrous, 1-2 cm long and 5 mm thick; perigynia ascending, smooth, greenish, faintly nerved, obovoid, flattened on the ventral side, 2-3 mm long, beakless but with minute pointed tip; scales brownish-hyaline with green midnerve, shorter than perigynia; achene trigonous; stigmas 3.


Fruiting May to June

Wetland indicator: UPL

Unlike other sedges with hairy leaves and culms, such as Carex hirtifolia and C. swanii, this species has smooth rather than hairy perigynia. Two other species in this section with both hairy sheaths and smooth perigynia are C. caroliniana (sheath glabrous ventrally) and C. bushii (sheath hairy throughout), both of which have spreading perigynia with short-pointed tips and conspicuous nerves.


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