Cirsium pitcheri  (Torr.) Torr. & A. Gray - Dune Thistle


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Cirsium pitcheri - (image 1 of 8)



Family: Asteraceae


Sand dunes of lakes Michigan and Huron, and eastern Lake Superior.




Ontario, MI, WI, IN, and historically in IL; restricted to the western Great Lakes. Has been reintroduced to IL.


Monocarpic perennial to 1m, from a long taproot up to 6 feet long. Leaves white-tomentose, pinnately divided into very long, linear-oblong lobes; marginal spines mostly lacking. Flowers yellow-white to pinkish; bracts long-acuminate to weakly spiny, imbricate, slightly tomentose. 


Flowers June and July

Wetland indicator: Upland

Dune thistle has declined due to the destruction of shoreline habitat along Lake Michigan and was extirpated from IL in the early 1900's. I took these photos while collecting data with Marlin Bowles (Morton Arboretum) and Tim Bell (Chicago State University). These populations are the result of a collaborative reintroduction effort begun in 1991 by the Morton Arboretum, Chicago State University, and the Chicago Botanic Garden. 


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 Michael Hough 2004