Coreopsis rosea Nutt. - Pink Tickseed


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Family: Asteraceae


Wet, often sandy or acid soil, or in shallow water.




Chiefly on the coastal plain from MA to MD, disjunct in Nova Scotia and in SC and GA. Extirpated from PA.


Rhizomatous perennial; stems glabrous, 20-60 cm; leaves 2-5 cm, linear, entire or occasionally some irregularly lobed; heads rather short-pedunculate; disk yellow, 5-10 mm wide; outer involucral bracts short, eventually spreading; rays pink (white), about 1 cm long; receptacular bracts linear, acute to obtuse; disk corollas 4-lobed; style appendages short and blunt; achenes narrow, wingless, about 2 mm long; pappus a minute cup or nearly obsolete. 


Flowers August to September

Wetland indicator: FACW

Although easily cultivated and commonly sold, native populations of this species are rare in all states and it is considered globally vulnerable (G3).


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The New York Botanical Garden. Bronx, NY




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