Corydalis flavula (Raf.) DC. - Yellow Fumewort


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Corydalis flavula - (image 1 of 4)



Family: Papaveraceae


Rock outcrops, wooded slopes, in moist, loose soil.




Eastern NY to southern Ontario, southern MI, and SD, south to NC, LA, and OK.


Annual from somewhat succulent roots; stems 10-30 cm, at first erect but often becoming prostrate, the stem sympodial; racemes barely if at all exceeding the leaves; bracts ovate, foliaceous, 3-8 mm; corollas pale yellow, 7-9 mm including the 1-2 mm spur; crest of the upper petal usually toothed; fruits spreading or drooping, 1.5-2 cm, on pedicels often 1-1.5 cm; flowers sometimes cleistogamous; seeds about 2 mm wide, with a narrow, acute ring-margin.


Flowers April to May

Wetland indicator: FACU

I took these pictures in early June as the plants were beginning to senesce and the flowers that were still being produced appear to be cleistogamous.


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The New York Botanical Garden. Bronx, NY




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