Cyperus bipartitus Torr. - Brook Nut Sedge


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Cyperus bipartitus - (image 1 of 4)



Family: Cyperaceae


Synonymous with C. rivularis Kunth


Wet, often sandy or gravelly ground. Muddy shores.




ME and Quebec west to ND, south to GA and TX..


Tufted annual to 20 cm. Cauline leaves normally shorter than the stem, 1-3 mm wide. Spikes mostly sessile; scales ovate and reddish, mainly at the base; stigmas 2; style divided up to about the middle. Achenes lenticular, longer than broad.


Flowers July to September

Wetland Indicator: Facultative Wetland +

I have most often found this species growing along wet foot paths.


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 Michael Hough 2009