Cyperus filiculmis Vahl -  Slender Sand Sedge


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Cyperus filiculmis - (image 1 of 3)



Family: Cyperaceae


Dunes, pine barrens, disturbed sandy places.




Southeast MD and southeast VA to FL and TX. Mostly on the coastal plain.


Perennial to 50 cm from short, tuberous-knotty rhizomes. Leaves gray-green, 1-2.5 mm wide. Heads stramineous to yellowish-brown; spikelets 2-3 mm wide, dentate, radiating in spherical or hemispherical, usually solitary heads; scales free at the tips, not strongly overlapping; anthers 0.6-1 mm. Achene narrow, a third to nearly half as wide as long.


Flowers June to September

Wetland Indicator: Facultative Upland -

These plants were photographed in northeastern IL near Lake Michigan and may be better regarded as C. lupulinis (Spreng.) Marcks ssp. macilentus (Fern.) Marcks, which has scales that rarely exceed 2.5 mm long.


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