Eupatorium perfoliatum L. - Boneset


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Eupatorium perfoliatum - (image 1 of 5)



Family: Asteraceae


Marshes, calcareous fens, bogs, moist sandflats.


In marshes found with Asclepias incarnata, Calamagrostis canadensis, Thelypteris palustris, Eupatorium maculatum, Iris virginica, Lycopus americanus, Lythrum alatum, Onoclea sensibilis, Scirpus pungens, Typha latifolia, Verbena hastata.




Herbaceous perennial. Principle stem leaves opposite, finely crenate to serrate throughout, connate-perfoliate at the bases. Stems coarsely hairy to downy-pubescent throughout. Flowers white; florets more than 5 per head.


Flowers late June to early October

Wetland indicator: Facultative wetland+

Apparently quite pH adaptable, growing in acid bogs, calcareous fens, and various other wetland habitats. I have found many specimens in moist sandy flats near Lake Michigan with a deep purple coloration that seemed to be related to water level, perhaps stress related (but attractive nonetheless!). Another good plant for a moist part of the garden.


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Indiana Academy of Science. The Morton Arboretum. Lisle, Illinois.




 Michael Hough 2004