Gentianella quinquefolia (L.) Small - Stiff Gentian


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Family: Gentianaceae


Open woods and mesic to wet open places. Usually in habitats with limited competition.




Appalachian region from ME to GA, west to western NY and adjacent Ontario (var. quinquefolia).


Biennial herb to 80 cm, stem simple or often freely branched; leaves sessile, opposite, lanceolate or lance-ovate, acute or subacuminate, 2-7 cm long; flowers in dense cymes terminating the stem or short axillary branches, on pedicels to 1 cm, or a few lower flowers solitary; calyx tube 1.5-3 mm, the lobes linear to lance-ovate, 1.5-5 mm (var. quinquefolia); corollas 1.5-2.3 cm, tubular-funnelform, blue-purple (white), the lobes 4-7 mm, ovate or lance-ovate, acute or acuminate.


Flowers August to September

Wetland indicator: FAC

Also known as agueweed, presumably as a treatment for fever. A more western var. occidentalis (A. Gray) Small, with longer calyx tube (2.5-5 mm) and lobes (0.4-1 cm), occurs from OH and southern Ontario to MN, south to KY, AR, and southeastern KS.


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