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Family: Geraniaceae


Sandy, gravelly soil. Rocky woods. Adapted to disturbance




Distribution is somewhat limited in the US. It is mainly found in the Northeast and Pacific Northwest. Regarded as a weed in WA state. Also native to Europe and Asia.


Annual or biennial. Leaves with 3-5 divisions, deeply pinnatifid to pinnately lobed, the divisions complete, green to red. Stems hairy, reddish. Flowers pink striped with white, 1/2" wide, petals 5, born in pairs from the axils of leaves. Fruit a beaked capsule.


Flowers May to September

Wetland indicator: Upland

This plant is rare and threatened in some states and considered a noxious weed in others. Some regard it as an alien plant but there is evidence that native and non-native forms exist. It is capable of spreading rapidly in disturbed soil but without disturbance it appears to decrease rapidly in number. Makes a good house plant that is easy to grow in almost pure perlite in a bright location. Regular potting soil will rot it right off it's roots. Will turn red if grown in full sun.


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