Geum rivale Jacq. - Water Avens


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Family: Rosaceae


Swamps, wet meadows.




Most of the northern half of the U.S. into Canada.


Herbaceous perennial. Basal leaves pinnate compound with 3-5 principal leaflets; terminal leaflet broad, serrate and more or less 3-lobed. Cauline leaves reduced, variously toothed or divided. Flowers numerous, nodding; sepals reddish-purple; corolla campanulate with 5 pale-yellow petals. Fruit an achene with decurved style.


Flowers late May to July

Wetland indicator: OBL

According to Peterson (1977), the root can be boiled to make a hot chocolate-like beverage.

This species can form fertile hybrids with the introduced G. urbanum which differ in having more spreading sepals and larger stipules.

Geum intermedium Ehrh. (Geum rivale urbanum)


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