Hepatica acutiloba DC. - Sharp-lobed Hepatica


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Family: Ranunculaceae


Mesic woods, calcareous woodlands.




Most of the eastern half of the US except NJ, FL, RI, LA.


Low herbaceous perennial. Leaves basal, tri-lobed or occasionally 5-7 lobes; lobes triangular, mostly longer than broad, the angles acute. Flowers white, or pink to pale blue, petals absent, sepals 6 to 10, floral bracts typically 3. Stems hairy


Flowers mid March to mid May

Wetland indicator: Upland

There are often leaves still on this plant when it blooms in the spring, usually persisting below the leaf litter. Some authors call this plant H. nobilis Mill. var. acuta (Pursh) Steyerm. A similar species with blunt rather than sharp lobes is H. americana


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