Hydrangea quercifolia W. Bartram - Oak-leaved Hydrangea


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Hydrangea quercifolia - (image 1 of 5)



Family: Hydrangeaceae


Mixed hardwood forest, along stream and on hillsides. Often on calcareous soils.




Native to the southeastern US, from NC south to FL, west TN to LA.


Woody shrub. Leaves 5-7 pointed lobes, similar in appearance to red oak. Flowers in pyramidal or ovate panicles, 15-25 cm long, white changing to green, than to brown; petals 5; sepals 10. Bark pale brown, exfoliating.


Flowers in early June and the panicles persist through most of the summer.

Wetland indicator: NA

Fall color is a mix of purple, red, and orange. Attractive in all seasons. The second image shows the straight species, with a mix of fertile and larger sterile flowers. Some cultivars, like 'Snow Queen' and 'Alice', have mostly sterile flowers which produces a better floral effect (first image). Tolerant of drought and prefers part shade. Hardy to USDA Zone 6, with some cultivars flowering in zone 5.


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