Lobelia siphilitica L. - Blue Lobelia


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Family: Lobeliaceae


 Marshy streams and pond borders. Calcareous fens. Sandy pond shores. Occasionally in moist woods


In marshy ground with Asclepias incarnata, Boehmeria cylindrica, Eupatorium perfoliatum, Helenium autumnale, Iris virginica, Leersia oryzoides, Lysimachia ciliata, Mimulus ringens, Verbena hastata.




Herbaceous perennial to 4' high. Basal leaves to 6" long, lanceolate to oval, sometimes irregularly toothed, light green; stem leaves alternate, decreasing in size up the stem, sessile. Flowers; corollas blue, 5-lobed, less than 3cm long, the lower lip striped with white; calyx with conspicuous auricles at the base; stamens 5. Fruit a capsule.


Flowers late July to early October.

Wetland indicator: Obligate

Similar to L. cardinalis vegetatively. A good garden plant that can be grown together with cardinal flower. Attractive to both hummingbirds and bumblebees.  


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Indiana Academy of Science. The Morton Arboretum. Lisle, Illinois.




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