Mimulus glabratus HBK. var. fremontii (Benth.) - Yellow Monkeyflower


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Mimulus glabratus - (image 1 of 8)



Family: Scrophulariaceae


Calcareous, springy habitats, like fens, usually in flowing water.




In the U.S. from MI, WI, IL south to TX, west MT to NV, CA.


Creeping herbaceous perennial. Stems glabrous to minutely villous above. Leaves palmately veined, the upper mostly sessile. Flowers from upper leaf axils; corolla bright yellow with an open throat and bearded lower lip; calyx lobed broadly triangular, the uppermost largest and the other 4 very short or absent.


Flowers late May to late July

Wetland indicator: Facultative +

Synonyms include M. geyeri and M. glabratus var. jamesii. This is the most widespread variety of this species.



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