Mitchella repens  L. - Partridge Berry


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Mitchella repens - (image 1 of 5)



Family: Rubiaceae


Acid woodlands, often on hummocks in swamp forest. Also old dune slopes, mesic woods, and wood adjacent to bogs




New England south to Florida, west MN to TX.


Mat-forming, creeping evergreen; stems rooting at nodes. Leaves opposite, round, to 2 cm long, petiolate. Flowers white, mostly terminal, 4-merous, paired, hypanthia united; corolla tube with short, recurved lobes that are hairy on the inner surface; ovary 4-locular. Fruit a bright red berry consisting of two ovaries fused together, 8-seeded, with the remnants of the two whorls of sepals on top.


Flowers late May to early September

Wetland indicator: Facultative Upland +

It is interesting to contrast the flowers with the fruit...two flowers, one berry.



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