Penstemon digitalis Nutt. - Foxglove Beard Tongue


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Family: Scrophulariaceae


Low mesophytic woods, mesophytic sand prairies, mesic and dry prairies.




Nova Scotia and ME west to MN and SD, south to VA, AL, and TX.


Herbaceous perennial to 3' high. Leaves opposite, clasping or petiolate below, lanceolate, entire to serrate. Corolla white, scarcely ridged, inflated, this differentiated from the narrower tube; lower corolla lobes subequaling the upper lobes; sepals to 8 mm long, ovate at the base, the margins scarious, abruptly attenuated into a narrow green tip rarely exceeding 3mm long; anthers characteristically with a few course, white thick hair on the side opposite the suture. Stems glabrous.


Flowers late May to early July.

Wetland indicator: Facultative -

This species seems quite adaptable in the Midwest and can be found growing in open woods or mesic prairies.



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