Ranunculus fascicularis Bigelow - Early Buttercup


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Ranunculus fascicularis - (image 1 of 3)



Family: Ranunculaceae


Dry, gentle slopes with scattered trees and little undergrowth, often on clay soil. Occasionally found in hill-prairie remnants.




Most of the eastern half of the U.S.


Herbaceous perennial from a short rhizome. Leaves mostly basal, longer than wide, the segments deeply lobed with the terminal segment stalked; cauline leaves 1 to 3, sessile, with fewer divisions. Flowers yellow, on long pedicels; style elongate, slender, nearly straight. Fruit a smooth, flattened, sharply margined achene with slightly raised lateral nerves.


Flowers early April to late May

Wetland indicator: Facultative Upland

Blooms early in the season.


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