Rosa setigera Michx. - Illinois Rose


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Rosa setigera - (image 1 of 7)



Family: Rosaceae


Woodland edges and woodland clearings, thickets. 




NH, MA, and NY, west to WI, IA, NE, south FL to TX.


Woody, climbing perennial to 6 m. Stems glabrous with stout, decurved and flattened prickles; prickles sparse or absent. Leaflets mostly 3, occasionally 5. Flowers pink; styles united into a column. Fruit a small, brown-green hip.


Flowers late June to late July

Wetland indicator: Facultative Upland +

I wasn't sure about the identify of this plant since it is usually described as having 3 leaflets, although younger leaves can have 5. After some consideration it appears to be the correct ID since the styles are united into a column and the upper leaflets are in 3's.


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 Michael Hough 2005