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Family: Alismaceae


Shallow water of ponds.


Eleocharis acicularis, Elodea canadensis, Ludwigia polycarpa, Najas flexilis, Nuphar advena, Nymphaea tuberosa, Polygonum coccineum, Pontederia cordata, Potamogeton foliosus, Potamogeton gramineus, Vallisneria americana.


Newfoundland and southern Labrador west to MN and SD, south to Cuba and TX.


Herbaceous, aquatic perennial from short rhizomes. Leaves erect and emersed or lax and submersed; emersed leaves nearly all linear to lance-ovate, rarely with 1 or 2 basal lobes. Flowers in 2-12 whorls on a scape 3-50 cm long; upper flowers staminate on slender, erect pedicels; lowers flowers pistillate on thicker pedicels mostly 1 cm or more long; petals white or pink, 1-2 cm. Achenes about 2 mm long, the beaks less than 0.8 mm long.


Flowers late May to early October

Wetland indicator: Obligate



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