Sambucus racemosa L. - Red Elderberry


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Family: Caprifoliaceae


Rich mesic or swampy woods.




Circumboreal. In North America from Newfoundland to British Columbia, south to PA, IN, and IL, and in mountains to NC.


Deciduous shrub to 3 m. Leaves pinnate compound; leaflets 4-7, finely tooth, lance-ovate to narrowly oblong, acuminate, often soft-hairy beneath. Stems green, become pale brown and woody with age; pith brown. Flowers in ovoid panicles about as long as broad; petals 5, white; stamens 5. Fruit a bright red berry.


Flowers late Aprile to late May

Wetland indicator: Facultative Upland +

This species also occurs in Europe, our plants are ssp. pubens (Michx.) House. The fruit of this species is not edible and contains a bitter yellow oil.


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