Sanicula trifoliata Bickn. - Large-fruited Sanicle


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Sanicula trifoliata - (image 1 of 3)



Family: Apiaceae


Rich woods.




VT and Quebec to southern WI and northeast IA, south to NC and TN.


Fibrous-rooted biennial; leaves 3-parted, leaflets coarsely and doubly serrate to incised, the lateral leaflets often deeply lobed; flowers white, staminate flowers 2-7 per umbellet, on slender pedicels and exceeding the bristles of the fruit; sepals at maturity connivent into a beak and much exceeding the bristles of the fruit; fruits sessile.


Flowers June to August

Wetland indicator: NA

This species is similar to S. canadensis which differs in that the sepals of the fruit are inconspicuous (0.6-1.5 mm) and do not exceed the bristles of the fruit at maturity; in addition S. candensis has staminate flowers that or more or less sessile, a characteristic that can be useful for identification if the fruits are not mature.


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