Sassafras albidum (Nutt.) Nees - Sassafras


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Family: Lauraceae


Woods, thickets, fencerows, old fields. A pioneer of disturbed areas. Does well in sandy soil.




Southern ME west to MI and MO, south FL to eastern TX.


Deciduous shrub or tree to 30 m. Twigs aromatic. Older bark deeply furrowed. Leaves on long petioles, entire or with 2-3 rounded lobes, with 3 main veins. Dioecous. Flowers greenish-yellow, on wood from the previous season; tepals 6, persistent; stamens 9. Fruit blue


Flowers April to May

Wetland indicator: Facultative Upland

One of only two species in this genus, the other occurring in China. Fall color ranges from red to orange or yellow.


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