Shepherdia canadensis (L.) Nutt. - Russett Buffaloberry


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Russet Buffaloberry- (image 1 of 4)



Family: Elaeagnaceae


Prefers calcareous substrate. Occurs on bluff slopes near Lake Michigan.




Newfoundland west to AK, south to NY, northern IN, SD, and AZ.


Deciduous shrub to 3 m; unarmed. Leaves opposite, green and nearly glabrous above, whitish below, ovate to lanceolate, obtuse to subcordate at the base. Dioecous. Flowers in small clusters on the growth of the previous season; stamens 8. Fruit red or yellow, 6-9 mm, bitter.


Flowers April to May

Wetland indicator: Upland

Very rare in the Chicago region, only occurring very close to the shore of Lake Michigan.


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