Sisyrinchium albidum Raf. - Common Blue-eyed Grass


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Sisyrinchium albidum - (image 1 of 7)



Family: Iridaceae


Frequent in prairies. Sandy prairies and savannas. Able to withstand degradation of the habitat


Often with Hypoxis hirsuta in prairies.


NY west to ND, south to GA and OK.


Herbaceous perennial monocot to 40 cm; pale green and somewhat glaucous; stems winged. Leaves 1.5-4 mm wide. Spathes mostly paired at the stop of the simple stem, the lower (outer) one with a foliaceous outer bract longer than the other bracts; inner floral bracts 2 or rarely 3, often purple-tinged; tepals 8-12 mm, blue-violet or white. 


Flowers late April to early July

Wetland indicator: Facultative Upland

Common in the Chicago region and widespread in the northeast.


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