Smilax hispida Muhl. ex Torr. - Bristly Greenbrier


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Family: Smilacaceae


Moist woods and thickets. Rich dune slopes.




CT and NY, south to northern FL, west to MI, southern MN, NE, and TX.


Woody vine. Stems long; lower part of stems covered in dark, flexible, needle-like prickles; young stems terete or variously angled but not quadrangular. Leaves deciduous, shiny green, ovate to rotund, acute to rounded, margin not thickened. Peduncles flattened, usually at least twice as long as subtending petiole; flowers small, greenish in globular umbels. Fruit a black, 1- or 2-seeded berry.


Flowers May to June

Wetland indicator: Upland

Swink & Wilhelm use the name Smilax taminoides L. var. hispida (Torr.) Fern for this plant, as does the USDA. In Gleason & Cronquist the authority given for S. hispida is Rafinesque. A typographical error perhaps?


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