Solidago arguta Aiton - Atlantic Goldenrod


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Family: Asteraceae  


Woods, openings, dry meadows.




Me to FL, west to KY, MO, and LA.


Herbaceous perennial to 1.5 m from a stout, branched caudex, without creeping rhizomes; stems terete or striate, glabrous below the inflorescence; leaves basally disposed, glabrous or slightly scaberulous above, toothed to subentire, the larger ones 10-30 cm long and 3-12 cm wide, the blade broadly elliptic or ovate, abruptly tapered to the long petiole; inflorescence paniculiform, with recurved-secund branches, sometimes elongate and narrow, more often broad and open, with long divergent branches; involucres 3-7 mm; involucral bracts acute or obtuse; rays 2-8; disk flowers 8-20; cypselae usually glabrous in northern plants.


Flowers late July to November

Wetland indicator: UPL

The lower leaves of this species resemble those of S. flexicaulis but the inflorescences of the two species are completely different. Might also be confused with S. patula which is a plant of wetlands and has rather strongly angled stems and leaves that are scabrous above. Occasional plants with rather narrow lower leaves might be confused with S. ulmifolia which has fewer than 8 disk flowers per head.


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The New York Botanical Garden. Bronx, NY




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