Solidago macrophylla Pursh - Large-leaved Goldenrod


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Family: Asteraceae


Usually in shaded, moist, subalpine habitats in sandy or rocky soil.




Endemic to NY, New England and eastern Canada.


Herbaceous perennial from a branched caudex; stems 10-100 cm, glabrous or nearly so below the inflorescence; leaves thin, usually hirsute on the midvein and main veins beneath, sometimes with short hairs above; leaves basally disposed but often only gradually reduced upwards, the larger ones contracted to a long petiole with an elliptic or ovate to subcordate, acuminate, sharply serrate blade 2-15 cm long and 1-7 cm wide; inflorescence narrow and enlongate, leafy-bracteate; involucres 8-11 mm; involucral bracts imbricate, acuminate or attentuate, thin and loose, sometimes some with squarrose tips; rays 7-12, 5-8 mm; achenes glabrous.


Flowers late July to September

Wetland indicator: NA

Can occur as a dwarf form in open alpine meadows or rather tall plant of wooded subalpine slopes.


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The New York Botanical Garden. Bronx, NY




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