Solidago odora Aiton - Licorice Goldenrod


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Family: Asteraceae  


Dry, open woods, often in sandy soil.




MA, NH, and VT to southern OH and southern MO, south to FL and TX.


Herbaceous perennial to from a short, stout caudex; stems 60-160 cm, rough-puberulent in the inflorescence and in lines decurrent from the leaf bases; leaves mainly cauline, sessile, entire, glabrous with scabrous margins, finely translucent-punctate, weakly to strongly licorice scented when crushed; not prominently veined, 4-11 cm long, 5-15 times as long as wide; inflorescence paniculiform, with recurved-secund branches; involucres 3.5-5 mm, the bracts slender, acute, yellowish; rays 3-5(-6); disk flowers 3-5; cypselae short-hairy or subglabrous.


Flowers late July to November

Wetland indicator: NA

The leaves of this species are rather thick and taste like licorice.


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The New York Botanical Garden. Bronx, NY




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