Solidago riddellii Frank - Riddell's Goldenrod


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Family: Asteraceae


Some authorities call this plant Oligoneuron riddellii (Frank) Ryberg. The genus Oligoneuron would include species with corymbiform inflorescences with numerous heads and involucral bracts that have a few longitudinal striations.  


Characteristic of wet calcareous prairies. Also associated with fens, wet meadows, and mesic prairies.




Southern Ontario to OH, west to MN and MO.


Herbaceous perennial to 1 m from a branching caudex, sometimes rhizomatous; stems most glabrous except in the inflorescence. Lower and upper leaves dissimilar: the lowermost well developed but often deciduous, mostly more than 1 cm wide, tapered to the petiolate bases; the upper gradually reduced, becoming sessile with usually more of less sheathing or clasping bases. Mid and upper cauline leaves glabrous, linear-lanceolate, recurved, often longitudinally folded, the tips attenuate and acute, sometimes 3-nerved. Flowers yellow; heads crowded, usually more than 50, in flat or flattish-topped, corymbiform inflorescences; inflorescence branches and pedicels glabrous.


Flowers early September to early November

Wetland indicator: Obligate

Hybrids with Solidago ptarmicoides have been called S. x bernardii B. Boivin.


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