Spiraea alba Du Roi - Meadowsweet


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Family: Rosaceae


Marshy meadows and peaty or boggy soils. Bogs, meadows, shorelines, thickets, and low ground.


These were found growing with Phlox glaberrima, Pycnanthemum virginianum, and Thelypteris palustris.


Newfoundland and Quebec west to Alberta, south to NC, MO, and SD.


Small woody shrub to 2 m. Leaves alternate, simple, finely serrate, glabrous, more than 4 times longer than wide, stipules lacking. Flowers small, in a branched panicle, the branches pubescent; petals white, sometimes marked with pink; hypanthium shallow; ovary superior. Fruit a glabrous follicle.


Flowers mid June to mid September

Wetland indicator: Facultative Wetland +

This species is not often cultivated, unlike many other species in the genus Spiraea.


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