Spiranthes laciniata (Small) Ames - Lace-lipped Ladies' Tresses


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Spiranthes laciniata - (image 1 of 6)



Family: Orchidaceae


Wet pine savanna.




On the coastal plain from NJ to FL and TX.


Herbaceous perennial 20-100 cm; basal leaves 3-10(-15) mm wide and up to 30 cm long; cauline sheaths 4-6, the lower with well developed blade; inflorescence 5-16 cm long, the axis minutely glandular-hairy, the flowers closely spaced in a single straight row or evident spiral, spreading, urceolate-cylindric, 6-10 mm long, mainly white; lip recurved-deflexed, with a yellow center, shallowly lacerate-fringed around the apex, papillate on the lower surface, the basal callosities 0.7-1.5 mm long, higher than thick


Flowers late August to early September in NJ

Wetland indicator: OBL

The gap between the lateral sepals and the lower surface of the lip in profile has a distinctive half moon shape.


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The New York Botanical Garden. Bronx, NY




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