Spiranthes ovalis Lindl. - October Ladies' Tresses


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Spiranthes ovalis - (image 1 of 8)



Family: Orchidaceae


Moist woods, bottomlands, fields, pastures.




Central PA to southwest WI and IA, south to FL and TX. Disjunct in northern NY and Ontario.


Perennial to 30 cm. Basal leaves 2-3, to 12 cm long and 5-10(-15) mm wide; cauline sheaths 3-4, the lower with recurved blade 2-5 cm; inflorescence 2-6 cm, the axis glandular-pubescent, densely flowered in 3 or 4 vertical ranks; flowers widely spreading or somewhat deflexed, urceolate cylindric, white to creamy or greenish; sepals and lateral petals 3.5-5 mm, the petal usually widest in the distal third with a single vein; lip 4-5 mm, ovate-oblong, rounded distally, often somewhat constricted near the middle, the basal callosities slender, less than 1 mm (but rather large relative to the lip compared to other species); 2n=30.


Flowers September to October

Wetland indicator: FAC

These pictures are of var. erostellata Catling which is autogamous and lacking a viscidium and rostellum. This variety has the widest distribution.

Typical S. ovalis is restricted to FL, TN, AR, LA, and TX.


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