Trillium undulatum Willd. - Painted Trillium


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Trillium undulatum - (image 1 of 4)



Family: Liliaceae


Moist or wet woods, edge of bogs or stream banks. Prefers acid soil. 




Quebec and Ontario south to NJ and PA, west to MI and WI, and south in mountains to TN and GA..


Herbaceous perennial to 40 cm. Leaves ovate, thin, 5-10 cm at anthesis, larger at maturity, acuminate, broadly rounded at the base to a petiole 5-10 mm. Flowers solitary, held above leaves on a short peduncle 2-5 cm long, erect or declined; sepals lanceolate, shorter than the petals; petals undulate, white with pink streaks from a pinkish-purple crescent at base, lance-ovate to obovate-oblong, 2-4 cm, acute or acuminate; ovary pale with 3 lobes, developing into an erect, bright red berry.


Flowers May to June

Wetland indicator: Facultative Upland

One of the more attractive trilliums, both in flower and in fruit.


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 Michael Hough 2004