Typha latifolia L. - Broad-leaved Cattail


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Family: Typhaceae


Marshes, bogs, shallow water of ponds, ditches.


(angry) Red-winged blackbirds.


Nearly cosmopolitan. Found throughout the U.S. but more common inland than T. angustifolia.


Rhizomatous perennial to 3 m. Leaves flat, 10-23 mm wide. Staminate and pistillate parts of the spike contiguous, or rarely separated by less than 4 mm; pistillate portion brown, 10-15 cm long and 2-3 cm thick at maturity; pistillate bracteoles lacking; pollen in tetrads.


Flowers early to mid July

Wetland indicator: Obligate

Hybrids between this and T. angustifolia are called T. x glauca Godr. Hybrids will usually show intermediate characteristics of the two parents.


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