Vaccinium pallidum Ait. - Blue Ridge Blueberry


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Family: Ericaceae


Dry upland woods and barren fields. Fire adapted.




ME west to MN, south to GA, AL, AR, and eastern OK.


Colonial, deciduous shrub to 80 cm; branchlets glabrous or sparsely pubescent; winter bud scales rounded at the apex; leaves ovate to broad-elliptic, entire, glaucous and also sometimes slightly hairy underneath; corolla cylinderic to urceolate, 4-8 mm, white or pink tinged; fruit blue glaucous or rarely black, 5-8 mm.


Flowers April to June.

Wetland indicator: UPL

One of several species of "lowbush" blueberries. It differs from others in having glaucous leaves with entire margins, glabrous or at most sparsely pubescent branchlets, and and blunt winter bud scales. The veins of the leaf are also markedly anastomose.


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