Vaccinium stamineum L. - Deerberry


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Family: Ericaceae


Cliffs, ledges, dry forests and woodlands.




ME to IN and MO, south to FL, TX, and Mexico.


Deciduous shrub to 1.5 m, glabrous to densely hairy; Leaves oblong or elliptic to obovate, to 10 cm long, acute or acuminate, entire; flowers in racemes or panicles; corolla campanulate, open even in bud, greenish-white or purple-tinged, 4-6 mm, 5-lobed nearly to the middle; stamens exsert; fruit yellowish or greenish to green-blue, to 1 cm.


Flowers May to June.

Wetland indicator: FACU

Unlike most other blueberries, the relatively large fruit of this species is rather unpalatable in that that never seem to fully ripen. The anthers bear a pair of spurs in addition to the terminal tubules.


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