Yucca filamentosa L. - Adam's Needle


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Family: Agavaceae


Sand dunes and dry sandy habitats, especially near the coast.




MD to FL and LA; naturalized much further north, especially in sandy areas.


Herbaceous perennial from a short caudex; leaves numerous, stiff, linear-elliptic to linear-spatulate, to 80 cm long and 2-7 cm wide, fibrous along the margins, abruptly prolonged into a short, stout spine, more or less scabrous; inflorescence paniculate, many-flowered, to 1-3 m, the base elevated well above the leaves; tepals 5-7 cm long and 2-3 cm wide, rounded above, short-acuminate; style nearly 1 cm; stigmas slender; fruit thick-cylindric, 2-4 cm; seeds 6 mm.


Flowers June to September

Wetland indicator: NA

A few other species found in the southeastern U.S. include Y. aloifolia, Y. flaccida (sometimes treated as a variety of Y. filamentosa), and Y. glariosa .


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