Gentianopsis crinita (Froel.) Ma. - Fringed Gentian


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Gentianopsis crinita - (image 1 of 6)



Family: Gentianaceae


Synonymous with Gentiana crinita Froel.


Low woods, wet meadows, stream banks. Also found on calcareous interdunal sand flats near Lake Michigan in IN.




Southern ME south to MD and along mountains to GA, west to Manitoba, SD, and IA. Rare in the Chicago region.


Biennial to 0.8 m, often branched above. Leaves opposite, sessile, lanceolate to lance-ovate, mostly more than 1cm wide. Flowers blue, solitary on peduncles 5-20 cm long, terminating the axis and lateral branches; corollas 4-parted, typically 4-5.5 cm long, the obovate lobes deeply and distinctly fringed at the summit and part way down the sides, the fringe segments linear and 2-5 mm long; calyx tube more than 5mm long, the lobes acuminate, smooth or nearly so.


Flowers late August to early November

Wetland indicator: FACW

A transition to G. virgata may occur in the northern part of the range of this species, evidenced by plants with narrower leaves.


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